Child Protection Policy

Our responsibility as childminders is to ensure the safety and welfare of the children in our care. Childminders are trained to be aware of the possible indications of abuse or neglect. The procedure for dealing with suspected cases is as follows:

Referrals of child abuse

If a child arrives with injuries we will:
  • Ensure immediate medical attention, if necessary
  • If possible ask the parent or guardian how the injuries occurred
  • Accept explanations without making accusations
  • Make a written record, including diagrams, of observations and explanations given. This recording of information is to ensure that a reasonably full and clear account is obtained, enabling an appropriate referral to Social Services, if necessary
  • Contact Social Services without delay if we suspect the injuries were caused by an assault or by a failure to protect the child
Suspicion of abuse

If through conversation or other contact with the child, we have cause to suspect physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect of a child in our care we will:
  • Listen to what the child says. Be comforting and sympathetic. Ensure that the child feels as little responsibility as possible
  • Not make any suggestions to the child regarding how the incident may have happened. The child will not be questioned except to clarify what he/she is saying
  • Write down exactly what the child says, including any actions that concern us, and what we have said in response. This will be signed and dated.
  • Not make assumptions about whom the allegations may concern
  • Inform Social Services of our suspicions without delay
Once a child is referred to Social Services they, and the Area Child Protection Committee, will make an assessment of the child’s needs. Following such referral, Social Services and possibly the Police will undertake enquiries, and we may be required to provide statements.
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