Accident Policy

The safety of your children is paramount, and we will take every precaution necessary to protect them from hurting themselves while they are in our care. However, accidents do happen and the procedure for how accidents will be dealt with is as follows:
  • We will assess the injury, and will call for medical support or an ambulance if necessary.
  • We will comfort and reassure the child.
  • We will carry out First Aid procedures as we have been trained to do.
After every accident, however minor, we will complete a report in our accident book. You will be asked to sign the book, and you will be provided with a copy.

If the incident requires any medical treatment we will:
  • Inform Ofsted (under Standard 14. 3 of the Children’s Act Regulation)
  • Inform Ofsted of any significant events
  • Inform our insurance provider
  • Contact the PACEY Early Years for additional support
It is important that you keep us informed about your child’s condition following an accident.

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