EYFS Learning & Development

We aim to help the children in our care progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage, in line with other outside agencies, such as nurseries. We will plan and work with the children, ensuring that the following areas of learning and development are carried out in a constructive manner:

Communication, Language & Literacy
All children in our care are encouraged to join in with nursery rhymes, songs and stories. There will be set times in the week when such activities will be carried out. We recognise the value of books to children, and have a variety from which they can choose for Story Time, or if they wish to sit quietly and read by themselves.

Creative Development
The children will have access to a wide range of creative activities. Each child will be able to use their imagination in a positive way. They can choose what they would like to do, such as painting, card-making, gluing, drawing and junk-modelling. We have a role-play area and dressing-up clothes so children can develop through imaginative play that is child-led. Through imaginative play, they can express their thoughts and feelings. Musical instruments are also available, and these will encourage children to develop many skills, such as imagination, listening and co-ordination.

Knowledge & Understanding of the World
We will take the children on outings so they can safely explore and gain first-hand experiences of the world around them, e.g. a trip to the park. We will help them to observe and note the changes occurring around them, such as seasonal changes. We have a garden, so children will be able to see how plants grow.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development
We will help build the children's confidence by caring for them in a relaxed and secure atmosphere, where they can choose activities that link to their EYFS goals. They will be able to work independently or with other children to develop personally, socially and emotionally. They will be given opportunities to learn about other cultures and beliefs, acknowledging the importance of people as individuals.

Physical Development
The children will be offered daily access to outside play, in either the garden or at the local park. A range of outside activities are available, such as play-tent/tunnel, slide, sand-table, bicycles, push-along toys, ball games, and skipping. The garden is shaded, making it ideal for children’s play. To develop motor skills, children will be offered a wide range of activities, including baking, creative crafts, dance, running and catching. An emphasis will be put on physical activities as a way to enjoy their day and stay healthy.

Problem-Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy
We will encourage children to develop their numeracy skills by providing activities that utilise counting, volume and measuring skills, such as baking, and counting songs. They will be encouraged to learn about shapes and colours through use of shape-sorters, jigsaws, colouring, and craft activities.

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