Managing Behaviour

Promoting positive behaviour is very important, and we do this by:
  • Giving lots of praise for good behaviour
  • Giving children individual attention so they feel valued
  • Setting a good example, being a good role-model
  • Listening to what the children have to say
  • Rewarding good behaviour, giving them stickers for good behaviour, sharing etc
girl pulling tonguesWe help children to understand our house rules, which are realistic, and we are consistent in enforcing them. We will not give out confusing signals: ‘No’ means ‘No’.

We are aware of the different reasons why children misbehave, and will endeavour to keep to routines so that your child feels safe, and is not over-tired or hungry. However, all children misbehave sometimes, and we have developed different strategies on how to deal with children’s misbehaviour. They vary depending on the age and stage of ability of the child, and the situation.
  • Distract: Remove the child from the situation and give them something else to do
  • Ignore: Depending on the situation, we may feel that the misbehaviour is being done for a reaction and is best ignored
  • Discuss: Try to explain the consequences of their actions
  • Time-out: Removing the child from the activity, and sitting them quietly for a few minutes
We will never smack, shake, hurt or humiliate a child.

If you have any concerns regarding the management of your child’s behaviour, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is important that we work together so that management is consistent and your child is not confused.
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