Lost Child Policy

The care of children is paramount and we will always try to ensure that they remain with us and are safe. However, as responsible childminders, we have the following procedure in place, which will be carried out in the unlikely event of a child becoming lost:
  • We will immediately raise the alarm to all around that a child is lost, and enlist everyone to help in the search
  • If it is a secure area such as a shopping centre, we will quickly alert the security staff so they can seal off exits and monitor the situation on CCTV
  • We will provide everyone involved in the search with a description of the child.
  • We will reassure the other children with us
  • We will alert the police and provide a full description
  • We will alert the parents about the situation
We take precautions to avoid situations like this happening by implementing the following measures:
  • Ensuring the children hold our hand or the pushchair while we are out
  • Avoid going to places that are overcrowded
  • On outings the children will wear high visibility jackets, and wristbands with our mobile number on them
We teach the children about the dangers of wandering off and of talking to strangers.
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