Equal Opportunities

We give all children in our care the opportunity to reach their full potential. Sometimes this means adapting an activity to the child’s ability and stage of development, providing additional support and resources, or by giving a child more attention than others during a particular activity or routine.

Children are given the opportunity to play with all of the toys (subject to health and safety with children under 3 years of age); no toys are ‘only for girls’ or ‘only for boys’. We try to ensure our toys reflect positive images of children and people from different cultures and abilities.

No child will be discriminated against in any way because of skin-colour, culture, gender, ability or religion. We will challenge any remarks that we feel are inappropriate.

We encourage the children to learn more about their own culture, and to find out about the cultures and religions of other children. We do this in a fun way through sharing books, colouring, cooking and eating food from around the world.

We encourage the children to develop a healthy respect for one another’s differences, and to value everyone as an individual. We ask parents to share with us any special occasions or information about their culture which will enhance the children’s learning and understanding.
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